Primary 5 Farewell 2010

24 June 2010

Primary 5 Farewell 2010

Last evening in the RMC the current Primary 5s said "Farewell to Junior School" in a special event to celebrate their time at St George's Primary.

The Primary 5s are heading down to Lower School to become Primary 6, a big step in their progress at St George's.

After a highly entertaining introduction by headteacher Helen Mackie, Mrs Rushworth took the lead in reading out a short statement for each and every girl in Primary 5, emphasising how they are confident individuals, and a little bit about each student's contribution to life in Junior school.

Each student in turn passed through "The Spot" and listened to all the lovely things that were said about them, and then Mrs Mackie shook each student's hand.


Probably most fun of all was listening to the student's memories of being in each of the Nursery and Primary forms, a number of which were very funny, and enlightening!

Best wishes to all of Primary 5, and we all hope you enjoy Lower School as much as you seemed to have loved being at St George's Junior School.

In the large gallery below (please give it a minute or so to load fully) there is just a selection of the photographs taken during the P5 farewell - all of the images have been used in a video slideshow now running on the digital signage screens around the school.