Hinduism Presentation

24 January 2011

Hinduism Presentation

On Wednesday 19th January Mrs Kumari came to talk about Hinduism to P5. Mrs Kumari is one of the P6 teachers in Lower School. We talked about religion all over the world and looked at a world map to find the United Kingdom and India. India is where the Hindu religion first started.

We learned about Hindu gods and goddesses, Hindu festivals, how they dress and everyday life. The first part of the presentation was about the names and forms of the gods and goddesses. Then we learned about Hindu festivals. There was Dusshera the festival of good and evil, Diwali the festival of light, Holi the festival of colour and Rakhi the festival between brother and sister.

Mrs Kumari had brought some of her Indian traditional clothing to let us look at. She let us see how to put on a sari.

The piece of fabric was very long. Rachel Page P5X got dressed in a beautiful, green sari and she wore green bangles and a green bindi on her forehead. Then we saw a video of people praying (puja).

It was a very interesting presentation and we all found out lots of new information about Hinduism.

Prithi & Rachel, P5