P3's Autumn

11 October 2011


The Primary 3 girls have been enjoying studying autumn as part of our Outdoor Learning programme.  The girls collected autumn things from the school grounds and made sculptures, which were then made into mobiles for the classroom. 

Inspired by their findings, they also worked in pairs to write autumn poems which they then typed up in ICT, using appropriate colours for their text.


We like jumping in piles of leaves

We saw yellow leaves and orange leaves

Red leaves are not easily seen

Autumn _leaves -iconToday I found a red leaf

It was beautiful

By Poppy and Azrien, (P3X)


Jumping in leaves

And kite flying

Having an adventure

And watching the leaves fly by

Running in the wind

The berries fall on the ground

By Catherine and Emma G, (P3X)


I love autumn

It is fun and very cold

I love jumping in leaves and watching them fly around

They are very colourful leaves

And you can fly your kites in the breeze with the sun setting

All the branches on the trees are bare

And leaves are flying everywhere

By Ciara, (P3Y)