Be Bright Be Seen

08 February 2011

Be Bright Be Seen

Monique Sanderson the Police Road Safety officer has given St George's School a set of reflectors for Primary one. The reflectors are round and very BRIGHT. They have a clip which can clip onto a school bag. This will help the St George's Primary one to be seen when it is dark. Look out for them on school bags!

The Police Road Safety Officer also brought the Junior Road Safety Officers some new JRSO folders and a JRSO pin badge. We are busy checking the JRSO website for the Spring updates to add to the JRSO bulletin board.

On the 11th of February there is a Safer Routes to School lunch meeting in Lower School. It is an important meeting for the JRSO as there are lots of different people at the meeting. There are pupils, teachers, police officers and parents. We discuss lots of issues about road safety in and around the school.  We will be taking our new JRSO folders to the meeting.

Ellen, JRSO