The New Junior School Hall

30 April 2012

The New Junior School Hall

There has been much excitement about the unveiling of the new Junior School Hall. On Tuesday morning parents and girls couldn't wait to see what it actually looked like. It seems funny to think that for over a year so much went on behind the partitions and that we had really no idea what was being taken down or rebuilt. I have to say the hall looks fantastic and it is great to have this space back again in the Junior School.

The girls have been most impressed with the hall and from what I have heard they can't wait to use the climbing frame and the rock climbing wall.  They particularly like the fact that there is a lot of space with some good equipment for them to play on and the shiny, sprung floor and the new smell!!

Early Years & Open Night

For me, in particular, now that the partitions are down, it's great to be reunited with the Early Years department again - Mrs Stewart and your team, we certainly missed you for all these months!

Please come to Open Night on Tuesday 8th May from 6.15pm to 7.30pm when the hall will be officially opened by Di Gilbert - the accomplished Scottish mountaineer.

Moyra Rushworth

New-JS-Hall-Wall-2012P4Y's New Hall Poem

I like the climbing wall
It seems smaller than our last hall
It is very pretty
Even though it is more echoey
I like the new floor as it is more comfy to sit on
I like the way the ropes are in the same place as they used to be
And the way they are strapped into the wall for safety
I like the way the new lights hang down
And the patterns on the roof with different colours of brown
I like the windows because of the shape they are
And the new piano
Which Mrs Coad is getting to know
I like the big Smartboard
And there is more room in the cupboard
And I can't wait to see the blinds closed
Using remote control
But do you know - it smells a bit funny, because it is so new …