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  • Thank You From The Nursery

    Thank You From The Nursery

    11 May, 2012

    Once again nursery staff are delighted with the response to our appeal for clothes for Belarusan children. The generosity of parents is much appreciated by us all. Similarly a big thank you to all the parents who give toys and books to the nursery from time to time.

    The Lawrie family brought some of their wonderful toys to us last week and the children in the Hedgehogs and Owls groups have had great fun playing with the dolls' house and the pirate ship.

    We are very grateful to all of you who take an interest in the "learning through play curriculum" and donate such imaginative resources for our use.

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  • Bronze DofE Expeditions

    Bronze DofE Expeditions

    7 May, 2012

    The Bronze DofE girls were out for their practice expedition this weekend and all did very well despite the extremes of weather! The first group had sunshine with a couple of hail showers and no problems with visibility, so therefore very few navigational issues.

    The second half of the weekend had everything except sunshine! Low cloud, fog, rain and bitter winds gave them a much harder time on expedition and, as a result we adjusted their routes to low level routes. The girls did very well indeed and should find their final expedition much easier in comparison.

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  • Kazakhstan


    7 May, 2012

    We are learning about Kazakhstan because we are doing an eco-schools Edinburgh competition called "Grow your country in a basket." We are going to have to try to find out which plants grow in Kazakhstan.

    We had a talk with the P5s on Tuesday 1 May from Mr Iliyas Kurman from Kazakhstan. He told us about the history, traditions, houses, instruments, jewellery, games and lots more about Kazakhstan. He told us the two national musical instruments are called the Dombra and the Kobyz.

    He showed us a picture of the country's flag, which has a sun in the middle and an eagle flying below it.

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  • 5k Sponsored Walk

    5k Sponsored Walk

    4 May, 2012

    In conjunction with the Futures Group, which aims to raise funds to pay for extras for the school, we are planning a fundraising activity, which will be associated with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

    We are organising a 5k sponsored walk for all students (from P5-L5) and their teachers and support staff. Younger children will be invited to complete shorter distances at the same time, on the school site, during the morning of Monday 28 May.

    At the end of the walk, we shall have some inter-house fun runs and all the children and staff will be presented with a special memento of the Diamond Jubilee.

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  • The New Junior School Hall

    The New Junior School Hall

    30 April, 2012

    There has been much excitement about the unveiling of the new Junior School Hall. On Tuesday morning parents and girls couldn't wait to see what it actually looked like. It seems funny to think that for over a year so much went on behind the partitions and that we had really no idea what was being taken down or rebuilt. I have to say the hall looks fantastic and it is great to have this space back again in the Junior School.

    The girls have been most impressed with the hall and from what I have heard they can't wait to use the climbing frame and the rock climbing wall. They particularly like the fact that there is a lot of space with some good equipment for them to play on ...

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  • Latest Newsletter Available

    Latest Newsletter Available

    27 April, 2012

    The latest edition of the school newsletter, @StGeorge's number 405 is now available, and can be downloaded from the secure Parent Area. This latest edition includes:

    • Lunchtime Challenge 2012
    • Lunchtime Challenge Thanks
    • Competition Sponsors
    • Competition Judges
    • The Finalists' Dishes
    • From Young Girls in Scotland to ...

    & much more ...

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  • Lunchtime Challenge 2012

    Lunchtime Challenge 2012

    27 April, 2012

    On Saturday 21 April the following finalists met up in the lower school kitchen to do some hard core cooking… Bella, Charlie, Natasha, Catherine, Anna, Mirren, Anna and Anna were to take part. All of us were extremely nervous, but very excited.

    One of the competition sponsors was the butcher John Brash, who supplied all our meat, and the other was the Edinburgh Wholesale Fruit Market, who supplied our aprons, which we are extremely grateful for.

    The two Chefs that came to judge our food were Jim Mullen and Gordon Leitch.

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  • The Remove Antarctica Group

    The Remove Antarctica Group

    27 April, 2012

    Just before the Easter break we had a Skype call with physicist, Alison McClure, who is the national officer for the Institute of Physics and had been into school earlier in the term to speak to us about her work in Antarctica.

    These were some of the questions we asked her:

    Q. How was the travel you took different to those methods used by Captain Scott? ...

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  • The Times Spelling Bee 2012

    The Times Spelling Bee 2012

    27 April, 2012

    On 19 March the St George's L4 Spelling Bee team took part in our first online spelling bee heat. This online heat was harder than we thought!

    We first watched a short video with instructions about how the challenge would work. It was quite a complicated format so we had to pay close attention and follow the steps carefully. We found out that we were not allowed to use the backspace key, which would make things very difficult! For the first three words we could make mistakes but after the third word if we made one mistake there was no going back.

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  • House Event 2012

    House Event 2012

    23 April, 2012

    It can be hard to imagine a sunny day outside in Scotland, the playing fields filled with hundreds of girls from Primary 6 to Upper 6, all in coloured t-shirts; but on March 29 2012 that's exactly what happened.

    St George's latest house event spread around the school filling all the girls and teachers with team spirit. The various houses all participated in outside problem solving, an entertaining Balloon Debate and a mock Million Pound Drop quiz, with Miss Judge excellently representing Davina McColl.

    The RMC was prepared for the Balloon Debate, with helium balloons and music playing, such as "Up, Up and Away". Girls appeared as Boris Johnson, Gary the Tank Commander, Barbie, and, of course, One Direction.

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  • Boarding Centenary

    Boarding Centenary

    20 April, 2012

    On Saturday 24 March our centenary celebrations took place. A lot of our former boarders came to visit, some of them having travelled a long way.

    When they arrived at the boarding house, we welcomed them and offered them coffee and biscuits. We then took them for a tour around the boarding house and they shared with us some memories of their time at Houldsworth House.

    We also interviewed some of the former boarders. One of the boarders told us that she used to get up to mischief by climbing out the window of her room!

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  • To Small Children In South Africa!

    To Small Children In South Africa!

    20 April, 2012

    From young girls in Scotland to small children in South Africa! This Easter a bag full of handmade blankets, jumpers, boots and hats was hand-delivered to the BraveHeart Children's Home in CapeTown, just in time for winter.

    The amount of care and love that the girls at Houldsworth put into knitting these items was matched with equal amounts of surprise, gratitude and excitement.

    The Brave Heart Children's home is a place of safety, and serves as an interim home for children considered vulnerable, at risk or orphaned.

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  • New Lower School Trim Trail

    New Lower School Trim Trail

    20 April, 2012

    Over the Easter the holidays a trim trail has been installed in Lower School which the girls are already enjoying. It was organised by the Lower School Student Council and has taken us a very long time to decide what we would put in it!

    We saw the trim trail that the girls at St Margret's had in Aberdeen and I think it gave us lots of inspiration. We put a lot of ideas to the Lower School community who then voted on what they wanted. We decided to get 3 big obstacles and then some smaller obstacles to link them together. A few of the girls say that "it was so much bigger than we expected" ...

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  • National Swimming Championships

    National Swimming Championships

    9 April, 2012

    St George's Girls have done very well at the Scottish National Swimming Championships, with 7 girls qualifying for entry to the competition. These girls are Sarah (L4X), Mhari (L4X), Megan (L4Q), Charle (L4X), Kate (L6Z), Katie (U4P) and Emma (U4X.)

    • Charlie reached a final.
    • Mhari reached three finals.
    • Kate reached 4 Finals with a fourth in one.
    • Katie obtained a bronze in her 200 Freestyle final and a silver in her 100 Freestyle.
    • Emma obtained a silver on her 100 breaststroke and a gold in her 200 Breaststroke and therefore is a national champion.

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  • GO4SET Project

    GO4SET Project

    9 April, 2012

    The GO4SET project on 'Biofuels for schools' has drawn to an end for the 5 U4 girls taking part. Charlotte, Asia, Katie, Anna and Eden went to the celebration day on Thursday 22nd March to present their project. The girls had researched the possibility of St George's making its own electricity and hot water through the production of biogas. The girls put in a lot of effort into their project over the term and even made a model of a bio-digester to go with their written project.

    The judges were very impressed with the girls' unique idea of power generation and awarded them 'The Innovation award' along with a cash prize of £200 ...

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