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  • Scottish Schools Biathlon Gold

    Scottish Schools Biathlon Gold

    1 December, 2011

    We had nine girls competing in the Scottish Schools Biathlon Championships at Kilgraston on Sunday. For the majority of girls, this was their first experience of a Biathlon, which consists of a run and a swim. At this grass roots stage, they are organised as two separate events.

    The girls performed extremely well and really seemed to enjoy the day.

    Congratulations to Mhairi and Annie who both won within their age category, receiving Gold medals!

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  • Gap Year In Cambodia

    Gap Year In Cambodia

    28 November, 2011

    2 days ago marked 2 months in Cambodia for me- and an exciting 2 months it certainly has been! I am teaching English here, (which I hadn't been told before I came out!) for 8 lessons a week in very mixed classes of 3-7 year olds and 8-14 year olds. We have absolutely no curriculum or books to help us and only a very brief summary of what the previous volunteers have covered! Food especially shows what different English vocab they need to know in comparison to what we usually use- the words "mango" and "rice" are used a lot more frequently here than in Britain!

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  • Road Safety Week

    Road Safety Week

    28 November, 2011

    On Monday 21st November 2011 the JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers) talked about Road Safety Week at the Junior School Assembly. We let the Junior School know about Road Safety Week and the theme this year 'Too Young To Die'. We all need to be very careful when we are near a road. Monique Sanderson the community Police Officer also spoke at assembly and told everyone about the important Road Safety Rules.

    The JRSO let everyone at assembly know about the Road Safety Week competitions that they had organised.

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  • College Public Lectures

    College Public Lectures

    28 November, 2011

    Several L6 students considering medicine attended a symposium at the Royal College of Physicians. Chaired by Revd Professor Kenneth Boyd, Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, the students benefitted from hearing the views of expert panellists - Professor Richard Anderson, Professor of Reproductive Science, Dr Angela Thomas, Consultant Haematologist and Dr Robby Steele, Consultant Psychiatrist.

    Such lectures are greatly appreciated as they enable the students to question assumptions and probe deeper into issues that they will undoubtedly face as doctors.

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  • U5 Geographers in BBC’s Countryfile

    U5 Geographers in BBC’s Countryfile

    25 November, 2011

    On Thursday November 24th, a large group of Upper Five geographers took part in a fieldtrip to Scotland's first national park, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

    Loch Lomond was given national park status in 2002. Its most spectacular feature, the highland boundary fault, strikes through the heart of Loch Lomond, separating the rolling lowland landscapes in the south from the high mountains in the north. It is also a living, working landscape which has been influenced by people for generations and is visited and enjoyed by many for its recreational value.

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  • Stockmarket Challenge 2011

    Stockmarket Challenge 2011

    24 November, 2011

    The Stock Market Challenge invited twenty-five schools from across Edinburgh, the Lothians, Central Scotland and the Borders to Pollok Halls in Edinburgh. This event, sponsored by Standard Life, gives students a real insight into the high-pressure environment of the trade room floor. Schools, such as Ross High School and Merchiston Castle School, brought along their students to trade, buy and sell in this Skills Development Scotland-run event.

    S3 students from a range of schools are given the chance to invest in companies using the media to help make their decisions and to be responsive to the quick changes in the markets.

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  • Swimming Championships

    Swimming Championships

    23 November, 2011

    A team of fifteen girls from St George's competed at the Edinburgh and Midlothian Schools' Swimming Championships and came away with not only new personal best times, but medals and trophies!

    In the Primary Schools session, both Anna and Laura achieved new personal best times. This was their first time competing in such a prestigious event.

    In the secondary session, the 12/13 A relay team won the 4x50m freestyle relay. Katie, Mhairi, Megan and Sarah all had a fantastic swim to bring the trophy home to St George’s ...

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  • East Meets West

    East Meets West

    23 November, 2011

    On Monday, November 21, the Chinese Calligrapher Chi Zhang came to work with Primary 4 pupils and L4 pupils. Primary 4 pupils study Chinese, whilst L4 pupils are presently looking at Elizabeth Blackadder's work in Art, following a visit to her Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art with Mrs Sarah Knox.

    The pupils all began by learning how to hold the brush correctly, how much ink to have on the brush, and that a Chinese brush should have a pointed tip (as opposed to a Western brush which is flat across the tip).

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  • National Seminar on Organ Donation

    National Seminar on Organ Donation

    23 November, 2011

    On 16 November, 5 Sixth Form students interested in pursuing medicine took this rare opportunity to meet staff and people involved with organ donation and transplantation. They were joined in Stirling by other young people hoping to enter a healthcare profession, and were addressed by a range of specialists and patients who shared their insights and were prepared to answer questions on practical or ethical issues.

    The students said they found the day immensely worthwhile.

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  • Global Entrepreneurship Week

    Global Entrepreneurship Week

    22 November, 2011

    Business advisors support and attend weekly meetings of Young Enterprise companies in the school. When asked they agreed to support the Global Entrepreneurship Week by giving a short talk on how their careers developed and changed course several times.

    All speakers had interesting stories to tell and have ended on completely different tracks from their original plan of career. The students who attended were young people who intend to pursue business or economics degrees or even have ideas of starting up their own business one day.

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  • Dragon's Den 2011

    Dragon's Den 2011

    22 November, 2011

    On Friday 18th November St George’s School held its very own Dragons’ Den for the third year in succession. This was held in the RMC to a packed audience of students and staff.

    The St George’s Young Enterprise Companies faced the mighty dragons who asked them questions about their business plan and product ideas. The young entrepreneurs were able to answer these with flair and confidence. Some were even 'lucky' enough to convince the dragons of their likely success ...

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  • The Concert For Trees

    The Concert For Trees

    22 November, 2011

    The Concert for Trees will be held in the Edinburgh Usher Hall, this Saturday 26 November 2011, and is one of Scotland's official celebrations of the UN's International Year of Forests, highlighting the exciting and creative work being done to preserve and enhance woods and forests in Scotland and worldwide.

    An inspiring and fun evening of music, poetry and dance for all the family exploring the enchanting and magical world of woods, the lungs of the earth. The event will be set against the backdrop of a day in the forest, recreating some of the sounds, spirits and aura of the woods and trees ...

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  • News From Liz In India

    News From Liz In India

    21 November, 2011

    Life is very different here, as you can imagine, with 500 children and all of them wanting to tell you who they are and asking who I am. It is hard work but already I feel very moved by the happiness they are all experiencing in circumstances which are not easy. I suppose life now in the home cum school is so much better for them than living on the streets.

    I have done quite a bit of teaching. Again it is so different with lots of children sitting in rows and looking at me with big eyes ...

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  • Latest Newsletter Available

    Latest Newsletter Available

    18 November, 2011

    The latest edition of the school newsletter, @StGeorge's number 396 is now available, and can be downloaded from the secure Parent Area.

    This week's edition includes:

    • Tournament Winners!
    • Senior Debating Team Wins Heat
    • Remembrance Assembly
    • Merchiston Remembrance Service
    • A Midsummer Night's Dream in Assembly
    • Production Items Wanted
    & much more ...

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  • Senior Debating Team Wins

    Senior Debating Team Wins

    18 November, 2011

    The senior debating team is now through to the third round of the ESU schools debating competition. This Scotland wide tournament is fiercely contested.

    St George's girls, Joanna, Emily and Pegah successfully opposed the motion that "This house would abolish trial by jury". The girls debated against Mary Erskine's, Jedburgh High School and Merchiston Castle School. The girls are just part of a large debating club at St George's. The team was ably assisted and well prepared with the help of fellow sixth former, Emily who worked hard on preparing points against the team to help them prepare their rebuttal points.

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