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  • Psychiatric Medicine

    Psychiatric Medicine

    8 February, 2013

    On Thursday 6 February we were lucky enough to welcome Dr David Cumming, a Forensic Psychiatrist in Forth Valley who outlined his career path to the students and explained the normal routes into this area of medicine. The girls asked lots of questions about what his work involves, the differences between psychology and psychiatry and the kind of demands he faces in what is a challenging and always interesting profession. It was most heartening to see girls from U4-U6 at the talk.

    Further information about medicine is available from the Careers Base.

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  • LS Celebration Assembly

    LS Celebration Assembly

    7 February, 2013

    At our charity assembly on the 30 January, we listened to Jenny MacDonald from The Yard Scotland Adventure Centre, talk about the lovely work they do. It is a charity that helps children, who have some special circumstances, enjoy a free play area with their family.

    We raised money by carrying out various activities on Festive Fundraiser day. The P6s sold some hand-made art and craft. All of Lower School did serious baking too! The Lower School charity representatives ran some fun stalls on the day too, like lucky dip, guess the weight of the cake, etc. We raised £656.50. Jenny said that she would use the money to make The Yard Scotland a better place for children.

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  • Salters' Chemistry Camps 2013

    Salters' Chemistry Camps 2013

    7 February, 2013

    The Salters' Institute will be holding 14 Salters' Chemistry Camps between June and July 2013. These are 3-day residential events held at Universities throughout the UK. Sixty students participate in each Camp. Four students from each school may apply from L5.

    Participants at each Camp will experience hands-on practical Chemistry in University labs, lively chemical demonstrations, a taste of life in the University Halls of Residence, with time to socialise or relax. Please note that a maximum of two students of the four will be selected for each Camp.

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  • Competitive Courses Evening

    Competitive Courses Evening

    7 February, 2013

    Applying for Competitive Courses Evening - 6.30 pm, Tuesday 19 March, 2013 in the Robertson Music Centre.

    As you are aware, many students at St George’s apply for Oxford and Cambridge or other “high-ranking” universities, and many apply for medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or other courses which are seen as highly competitive. We propose to hold an evening for interested parents and guardians and students in U5 and L6 where we will speak about such applications and the ways the students should already be preparing themselves.

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  • Project Leaders Required

    Project Leaders Required

    6 February, 2013

    The Nuffield foundation funds science research projects for students who have finished their Highers. They take place during the summer before they enter the Upper 6. In the past these were organised centrally and several of our girls have really benefited from and enjoyed the experience of taking part in a four week long project at local universities or research establishments.

    This year we have been told that private school students have to find their own project leaders. We have a couple of girls who are keen to take part, but are having problems finding appropriate projects.

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  • Boarding House News

    Boarding House News

    5 February, 2013

    On Sunday, some of the boarders went ice skating at Murrayfield. Some of us were really confident on the ice and went at a very fast speed whilst others who skated were less confident and stayed close to the bars. We also had hot chocolate during the break. We all had a really great and enjoyable time and I can't wait until the next ice skating trip.

    Last Friday the boarders went to watch Les Miserables at the cinema. All the girls had been looking forward to this cinema trip for ages, and it was definitely worth the wait. We all enjoyed the movie a lot ...

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  • Remove First Aid Talk

    Remove First Aid Talk

    4 February, 2013

    The Removes recently met the Upper School Nurse and she told us about bacteria. Did you know that when you sweat it’s not the sweat that smells, it is actually the waste produced by the bacteria after eating your oily sweat? The smell is actually bacteria gas!

    We then learned what to do if a person is unconscious and we practised putting our partner into the recovery position. First get them flat, then take the furthest away arm and put the arm flat on the floor, shaped like an L shape. Take the nearest arm and put it next to your cheek. Take the arm nearest to the cheek and push the person onto their side. Remember to let the neck stretch a bit so that she / he can breathe.

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  • P6 World Book Day

    P6 World Book Day

    1 February, 2013

    The P6s had reading session to celebrate World Book Day. We got changed into our wide variety of pyjamas after lunch. Then we all read books from when we were young to a group of friends.

    • “I liked hearing other people’s books,” said Beth.
    • “I liked all the different pyjama styles!!!” said Annabelle.
    • “I liked having chocolate milk and marshmallows,” said Phoebe.

    We also read a passage from a book we were reading at that time. It was funny to see the different content of the book. After that we had chocolate milk and marshmallow - it was yummy!

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  • Dogs In School Grounds

    Dogs In The School Grounds

    31 January, 2013

    When you are collecting your daughters from the school, we do understand that some of you may have to bring your dog.

    Please may we remind you that all dogs should be on a lead and, if at all possible, that you should stay off the green play surface in the junior school playground, not only for health and hygiene purposes but also because some of our younger children, who are not used to dogs, can be frightened of them.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Children's Ball 2013

    Children's Ball 2013

    31 January, 2013

    New venue, new dances, same fun and great music!

    Friday 8 March at Edinburgh Academy Junior School

    10 Arboretum Road

    7.00pm to 9.30pm.

    Tickets in advance £5.00

    Scottish Country Dancing for children of all ages. Come and join around 150 other children, all dancing to a live Scottish Country Dance Band.

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  • P4’s WW II Drama Class

    P4’s WW II Drama Class

    30 January, 2013

    St George’s Primary 4 have just taken part in a drama workshop covering aspects of the history of World War II, including the many hardships of war, such as the loss of life, rationing and the evacuation of children to the countryside.

    Visiting dramatists from the Hopscotch Theatre Company took the students through many serious aspects of family life as the war began, from the declaration of war, food and clothing rationing and of course the evacuation.

    In the first years of the Blitz, (Blitz was the German word for ‘lightning’), the evacuation of many of Britain’s cities was the biggest and most concentrated mass movement of people in Britain’s history.

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  • New British Council “Comenius” Project

    British Council “Comenius” Project

    29 January, 2013

    Over the last few years, the school has taken part in several, successful Comenius projects. These British Council funded projects are aimed at encouraging students to collaborate and communicate with European partners on a chosen topic. The students develop their knowledge and understanding of the topic and of the culture of the partner countries.

    It is also the intention for this learning to be shared with other students in the school. The most recent, two year, project was on the topic of Robotics with our partners in Padua in Italy and Blankenburg in Germany. This was a very successful and worthwhile venture and we have decided to apply for a new and more ambitious project.

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  • Rathbones Lacrosse Invite

    Rathbones Lacrosse Invite

    29 January, 2013

    Rathbone Investment Management (Rathbones) is for the second year running proudly sponsoring Lacrosse Scotland. We continue our commitment to support the growth and development of the sport, and are looking forward to another successful season in partnership with Lacrosse Scotland and all the schools and players involved.

    Rathbones is pleased to be attending each event in the calendar, beginning with the Scottish Open Tournament on Saturday 2 February 2013, hosted by Loretto School. We would like to invite the supporters and players to join us for refreshments which will be available throughout the day.

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  • Chemistry Masterclass

    Chemistry Masterclass

    29 January, 2013

    Recently four Lower 6 students and Miss Nicholson went to St Andrews University who were hosting the SCIS Chemistry Master Class on Organic Synthesis and Spectroscopy. Olivia, Lucy, Kirsten and Vicky found themselves working in the undergraduate Chemistry labs in the new Medical Science building, making paracetamol, Benzoin and 2-amino-4, 6-dimethylpyrimidine! They were working in with students from other schools including St George's partner school, Merchiston Castle.

    The girls say they found it demanding but very interesting. They are all keen Chemists who are planning to take the Advanced Higher next year. This experience will certainly help them in their Investigation and is directly applicable to the U6 course.

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  • News From The Languages Faculty

    News From The Languages Faculty

    29 January, 2013

    It is a very hectic time as usual in the Languages Faculty. We are preparing for a visit of our Sixth Form French exchange group from Toulouse in early February, and a bubbly group of Lower Five students are psyching themselves up for their own exchange trip to Madrid over half term. We are also entering the main planning phase of our U4 Outreach Week trips to our partner school in Bonn, Germany and a new intitiative to a language school in Antibes in the south of France.

    Meanwhile, three of our Advanced Higher Spanish students attended a Speaking Day organised by the Spanish Consulate last Sunday where they dazzled the native speakers present with their excellent spoken language over a variety of topics from immigration to the environment.

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